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TFN Landscapes are experts when it comes to installing fences. From residential to commercial property, our attention to detail is second to none and our knowledge makes us the go to team to provide your fencing solutions.Whether you want feather board, picket, palisade, or traditional for your garden or maybe you want chain link for your business, our meticulous methods mean you are left with a structure to be proud of.

We will build, supply and install all types of fencing and gating solutions from the concrete fence posts up to the fence panels and gates themselves. We can supply a wide range of fencing solutions from the arched top close board / feather board fence to the popular "Hit and Miss" fencing. Have a look at some of our previous work here and contact the office to book your free consultation. 

Close Board

An extremely strong, high quality fence providing total screening with complete privacy. The fence is formed from vertical feather edge boards, each partially overlapped and fixed to horizontal supporting wooden rails. This type of fencing is attractive in both urban and rural environments.

The feather-edge boards combined with gravel boards can be constructed to the fence height of your choice.

All close board fencing is constructed out of pressure treated materials.


This is the most popular traditional flat top fence panel. It is very functional and can be used in any location, offering complete privacy screening. The panels are constructed from horizontal over-lapping slat and framed with battens and come complete with a capping rail all in house.




Palisade (or Pickett) Fencing

Palisade fencing is a popular choice for front and back gardens.  The pales are spaced closely enough to stop small animals squeezing through the gaps, but still allow visibility through the fence.  The bonus of using palisade fencing is that there are garden gates available to match so you can create a seamless and attractive border to your home.  This type of fencing is also frequently used as wings to entrance gates.

Post & Rail (or Wire)

Strong, attractive fencing mainly for agricultural use, paddocks, retention of cattle etc. As with the morticed post & rail, it is usually constructed from sawn timber but planed timber, ready for painting, is available to special order. Smaller section posts than morticed post & rail makes it less expensive and simpler to erect.